5 design requirements and specification of the airport seat

1.Flame retardant properties

The most afraid of the thing is the safety accident in the airport, bus station and railway station. So it is safety to the design of airport seat in the first range, and the flame retardant has become a priority among priorities among them.

2. Human engineering

The hardness of the seat, the width of the seat and the seat spacing are greatly affected elements of seat comfort degree.

3. Manufacturing process

Airport, bus station, railway station, are need to put in the empty space, but also need to put in open air, so the process requirements must be improved.

4.Hardware components

Welding of high strength stainless steel material and polishing after large casting mould, die-casting molding after polishing


The intelligence of the airport seat is relatively good, such as expansion, lift, to create a stadium, concerts and other places of different nature of the public space.



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