the furniture industry association of Nanhai District, Foshan City

Jiujiang Furniture Association, was founded in 2013 after the association was founded to lead the members grow together, although in recent years by the international and domestic economic downturn impact, but Jiujiang furniture industry output, revenue did not decline, but also maintained a growth, is indicative of the industry association The important role. But how to achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; how to build furniture industry to develop new space has a distinctive; how to plan and realize a brand, furniture industry cluster advantages of new growth points, closely rely on the power of the Association Jiujiang home is not enough to break through current difficulties must introduce more advantageous enterprises to participate, for the establishment of Foshan City Furniture Co., Ltd., Australia Shu Kin 8 furniture enterprises as a founding member of the unit of Foshan Furniture Industry Association instructed district, town leaders at Preparatory Working Group.

On the convening of the preparatory group Nanhai District of Foshan City Furniture Industry Association inaugural meeting, outstanding furniture enterprises in South China Sea region has become the furniture industry Association and the Association will work to carry out a series of research fees, to fully listen to opinions from all sides, under the guidance of higher authorities, determines the time in Nanhai District Furniture Industry Association held the first member of Congress, location and size of the initial development of a list of 73 candidate members of the Association, including candidates for a president of the unit, a candidate for the honorary president of the unit, the unit executive president a candidate, a candidate for the Board of Supervisors units, executive vice president of the unit five candidates, 19 candidates for vice president of the unit, the candidate of the governing unit 8.

Preparatory work has been the guidance and leadership of the district town of Jiujiang heavy emphasis on party and government leaders, to express my heartfelt thanks! Zhucheng Li conference a complete success!