The public welfare activity of Oshujian Company

November 28, the company sent representatives to the Qingyuan White Bay sunshine children’s village to visit the children, the people together donated a series of stationery, clothing and food and other sent to them. According to the president, the children’s village is built by foreigners, Hongkong has a representative of the management, the village has more than 60 people. The board of directors are not regularly held in foreign countries or Hongkong to raise money, the funds raised will be used to help children go to school and buy a village in the required material.

In such a backward, the small town where the loss of their parents’ orphans are unfortunate, but they are lucky. Because there is love, children’s village to be established, because of love, many teachers came here to work, perhaps a lot of years to do. Society, there are a lot of children need to grow in these moved, but also need more of us to create a healthy, healthy growth environment. The path of love is also very long, I hope Oshujian staff can keep moving.