Five trends of airport chair in the future

1.Health and environmental protection

The concept of health standard is the airport operations office chair design to meet the people’s basic physiological and psychological security. The idea of environmental protection is of great significance, the global promotion of sustainable development today, more and more people to protect the environment of resource, step by step, the exploitation and utilization of moderate, the earth’s resources to rational use.


2.Open and free

Requirements for office space structure open more prominent, so that the workers jumped out from the heavy workload, ease the work fatigue, then waded back into work, so as to improve the efficiency of the office. On the other hand, in the chair and the airport layout can also be fresh and natural, design a set of steady, strong sense of fashion, be good to hear or see the characteristics.


3.Science and technology

Now many electronic products have been applied to the chair parts, increasing the seating function, giving a new chair usage patterns, but also the inevitable result of the development of the times. The new office mode in the chain era, network conference, like telecommuting office form, but also to grasp these chairs on the airport an important modern way of life.


4.Function integration

With the population of the city is crowded, people use of space is also more rational, in the office of the company is the same, the rational use of limited office space, let the chair play beyond the space restriction function, and narrow room can put pieces of furniture. Multifunctional integrated chair will play their work, makes up for this deficiency, the use of comfortable, not away is a decoration, convenient and save space.


5.Pay attention to the connotation

The chair is in the realization of the use function connotation Paiyi, give people the spiritual experience, is the exploration of the airport chair product extension, is a product of the color, shape, texture and other “transfer in the” internal factors of thought and emotion, pay attention to the emotional connotation, superficial. Such as: personal, emotional changes brought to people’s style. The higher level is the pursuit of noble taste and symbolic design, rich cultural history.