What to expect from office furniture and design in 2015

  1. Home Office Goes Corporate.“The trend is that people are making offices more home-like,” says Minnick. “They want their office space to look like Soho House, with offices that are vintage and green, like a home living room.” This also means that people are glamming up their walls with beautiful wall coverings and bold paint colors topped with artwork.
  1. Collected Pieces Reign.Rather than furnishing an office space that is completely matchy-matchy, many businesses are opting for a more curated look. Which means mixing vintage bookcases with modern desks, ergonomic chairs and colorful wool rugs. The end result is a more organic decor that feels comfortable. “They want people to feel at home at the office,” says Minnick.
  1. Mobile Technology.“One of the top priorities we are seeing from our clients is wanting employees to work from different places in the office,” says Minnick. New products like the Izzie + Mobile Technology Cart are making it easy for equipment to be wheeled from conference room to open area. Mobile technology is only going to become more advanced, so expect big changes in 2015.
  1. Ergonomics.Furniture brands and designers are continuing to pay close attention to the impact furniture has on your body. This means we can expect to see an influx in standing desks in 2015, as well as more chairs that are designed for peak lumbar support. “Employers want to make people comfortable and productive at work, and paying attention to ergonomics is one of the best ways to do that,” says Minnick.
  1. Upgraded Fabrics and Finishes.Innovative technology has made fabrics durable and environmentally sound, like new fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Be on the look out for natural finishes and recycled materials that are durable and budget friendly. “The good news is that between flooring, wall coverings, faux grasscloth and fabrics, the finishes are better quality than ever,” she says                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    60fa2bdd-ee01-4937-8549-bd287b483171