The knowledge of airport chair

一、The kinds of airport chairs

According to the material classification,aluminium alloy , steel , stainless steel , plastic and so on.

According to the style classification ,back to back airport chair, single bit airport chair, multiplayer bit airport chair , airport chair with armrests , airport chair without armrests and so on.



二、The use of airport chair

It used in public places, such as: airport, train station , bus station ,terminal, waiting room, hospital, clinic, nursing homes, orphanages, bank, , hotel, office, conference room, recreation, parks, churches and so on.


三、The construction of the airport chair

  • Beam

The main components are beams,handrails,foot stand, base plate and screw fittings.



四、The maintenance of airport chair

1、It can not be placed in the basement, outdoor and the place and

2、Do not touch the acid alkaline and other corrosive gases, liquids, avoid plating parts are rust corrosion

3、It can not be used water and wet towel to clean the chair.Keeping the chair dry. When you clean the electroplating parts, you can wipe clean with talcum powder or newspape.

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